Over the last 10 years, our aim has remained constant: to deliver unparalleled risk-adjusted returns to our investors, while maintaining our commitment to transparency, capital preservation, and creativity. We employ a multi-strategy approach, investing in tradeable securities through our Hedge Fund and in more specialized and special purpose opportunities through our Club Deals.

Club Deals

We offer institutional-quality co-investments.

Club Deals enable our clients to choose from individual institutional-quality co-investments and, over time, build a unique and diversified portfolio tailored to their needs. Kawa invests in institutional quality opportunities, across sectors, focused on debt at the senior and mezzanine level and equity as co-investors. Of all the opportunities that come to us, we perform diligence in a select few and ultimately invest in a small percentage. We negotiate each deal on a standalone basis, focusing on downside protection and economics to ensure that the risk-reward is attractive.

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$670+ MM


42+ Deals


Hedge Fund

Our flagship product is our credit-oriented hedge fund.

The fund’s strategies focus on capital preservation and building a bespoke portfolio, seeking to provide consistent absolute returns through trading and structuring unique opportunities in the market.

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$478 MM

AUM as of
February 28 2019

10+ year

Track Record