• 1Generating Ideas
  • 2In-depth Research
    & Analysis
  • 3Valuating & Purchasing
  • 4Active Managing
  • 5Sale
  • Kawa proactively seeks new investment opportunities that fit our and our investors’ philosophies and objectives, through extensive research and a robust network of business relationships such as broker/ dealers and operating partners. Kawa’s investment committee meets frequently to strategize and discuss opportunities.
  • Once an investment opportunity is identified, the research team performs an in-depth fundamental analysis to determine intrinsic value and dislocations from current market price. Regardless of asset class, type of security or investment structure, capital preservation is always a key objective and therefore we take special attention to evaluating risks.
  • A decision to purchase is made based on the assessment of risk/reward with final structure helping to minimize downside while maximizing upside potential for our investors. Sizing and timing are determined by Kawa in conjunction with the issuer when appropriate, to increase the probability of success in our investments
  • Kawa actively manages positions across the investment platform, through a constant and disciplined risk management approach. We often times also take activist roles to enhance the value of our positions.
  • We generally exit positions once they have (i) reached the estimate fair value (profit target); (ii) conditions changed whereby the risk/reward at market prices is no longer superior; or (iii) determined reallocation of capital would provide a better proposition for investors.